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MWF install all kinds of wood floors from regular domestic flooring to Antique and custom designed flooring. We offer all types of wood styles including Parquet, Madallion, Planks and strip. Investing in wood flooring for your house is an investment that takes careful consideration - why? There are endless amounts of wood types out there and vast array's of stains that actually can look totally different depending on the wood you apply them to. Before installing your wood floor we will determine what type (if any) of sub-floor is required. The type of sub-floor will help us determine the type of wood floor we can install.  A sub-floor is a non-decorative layer of planks or plywood laid between the top flooring and the joists. Not only does it act as an insulator, but it also provides a good foundation for your final finish.  For these reasons it is imperative you have an expert at hand to guide you through the process.  

Types of Floor Installation

1. Glue Down
This is a very stable and solid floor on completion however it is time consuming and can be slightly more expensive. The advantage of glue down floors is the reduction in boards moving and thus creaking occurring when the floor settles.

2. Nail Down
This is the quickest and probably the most cost effective method of wood floor installation. The longterm longevity may not be the same as glue down as over time some creaking can occur however most wood types can be nailed down leaving you with more of a choice when it comes to the type of wood to choose.

3. Floating
This method is both cost effective and efficient. This floor will not creak once installed nor does it have to be attached to a sub-floor. Floating floors are very popular in today's world.

Sanding & Refinishing

If you want to increase the appeal and value of your home then refinishing your floors is an excellent idea. The condition of the floor and level of wear and tear will determine the work that will have to go into replenishing the shine of your flooring.

Manhattan Wood Flooring will carry out a full evaluation and recommend whether they are worth refinishing or not. If we feel that refinishing your floor will bring it back to life and add value to your property in the long term we will begin the process.

Only a few steps to the perfect finish

1. Preliminary Sanding
Once we sand down the entire floor we apply what is known as "filler" which will seal any cracks or imperfections. When dry we will then sand the floor for a second time.

2. Screening 
Once we have sanded the floor will be "screened" fully which then removes any marks created by the sanding.

3. Buffing
The floor is then "Buffed" which is a fantastic method of ridding the floor of any unseen marks or scratches which means you have the perfect canvass for your final stain/color.

Manhattan Wood Flooring use state-of-the-art equipment, we sand and refinish all of our floors with powerful machinery and special vacuum cleaners. We basically carryout "Dustless refinishing" which means no hours of cleaning and dusting.  
Although we do carry out dustless refinishing we clean the area/room throughly and leave it exactly the way we found it.

Complimentary Services
Moving your furniture
Preparing the room, including sweeping the floor and removing baseboards
Setting the underlayer
Installing or repairing wood flooring (including sub-flooring)
Undercutting and/or replacing door jams, baseboards and other trimmings
Installing transitions
Cleaning the room thoroughly, once the job is completed
Staining & Bleaching

Staining wooden floors is a skill in itself, it is recommended you never take on a job yourself and leave it to the professionals. Manhattan Wood Flooring have over 20 years experience in applying both Oil and Water Based Finishes. Before we actually apply a stain to a floor we will give you several samples of the actual wood we are going to use and the stain both before and after it is applied so you can see exactly what it is going to look like.

Steps involved in applying stain:

1. Ensure the floor is sanded and buffed to ensure all imperfections are eliminated 
2. Apply the chosen stain by hand - We cannot emphasis how important it is to ensure stain is applied correctly as it will effect the look of the finished result.
3. We then use a machine buffer to buff the entire floor again and ensure it is even and the buffing also enhance's the stain by highlighting the light and dark grains within the stain.

Manhattan Wood Flooring Company can also cater for customers who wish to have a very pale finish to their floor. This can be achieved by using a bleaching agent such as Peroxide, Chloringe and Oxalic Acid. Our method of bleaching ensures we achieve the desired color without damaging the wood. Not every type of wood can be bleached and again this is one of the reasons why we the experts are there to advise and assist. 
Floor Repairs

We specialize in all types of Wood Flooring repairs from detailed borders to strip flooring. We have been the trusted choice for a number of large real estate management companies in Manhattan responsible for detailed floor repairs due to extensive water damage.  So whether you want to eliminate unsightly scratches or scuffs or repair damage due to water leaks etc please call us today for a free no obligation consultation.
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