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Staining & Bleaching

Staining wooden floors is a skill in itself, it is recommended you never take on a job yourself and leave it to the professionals. Manhattan Wood Flooring have over 20 years experience in applying both Oil and Water Based Finishes. Before we actually apply a stain to a floor we will give you several samples of the actual wood we are going to use and the stain both before and after it is applied so you can see exactly what it is going to look like.

Steps involved in applying stain:

1. Ensure the floor is sanded and buffed to ensure all imperfections are eliminated
2. Apply the chosen stain by hand - We cannot emphasis how important it is to ensure stain is applied correctly as it will effect the look of the finished result.
3. We then use a machine buffer to buff the entire floor again and ensure it is even and the buffing also enhance's the stain by highlighting the light and dark grains within the stain.

Manhattan Wood Flooring Company can also cater for customers who wish to have a very pale finish to their floor. This can be achieved by using a bleaching agent such as Peroxide, Chloringe and Oxalic Acid. Our method of bleaching ensures we achieve the desired color without damaging the wood. Not every type of wood can be bleached and again this is one of the reasons why we the experts are there to advise and assist.
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