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Sanding & Refinishing

If you want to increase the appeal and value of your home then refinishing your floors is an excellent idea. The condition of the floor and level of wear and tear will determine the work that will have to go into replenishing the shine of your flooring.

Manhattan Wood Flooring will carry out a full evaluation and recommend whether they are worth refinishing or not. If we feel that refinishing your floor will bring it back to life and add value to your property in the long term we will begin the process.

Only a few steps to the perfect finish

1. Preliminary Sanding
Once we sand down the entire floor we apply what is known as "filler" which will seal any cracks or imperfections. When dry we will then sand the floor for a second time.

2. Screening
Once we have sanded the floor will be "screened" fully which then removes any marks created by the sanding.

3. Buffing
The floor is then "Buffed" which is a fantastic method of ridding the floor of any unseen marks or scratches which means you have the perfect canvass for your final stain/color.

Manhattan Wood Flooring use state-of-the-art equipment, we sand and refinish all of our floors with powerful machinery and special vacuum cleaners. We basically carryout "Dustless refinishing" which means no hours of cleaning and dusting.
Although we do carry out dustless refinishing we clean the area/room throughly and leave it exactly the way we found it.